We are artisan chocolatiers living and working in Old Town, Alexandria, across the river from the nation’s capital. Our retail studio, at the corner of N. Patrick and King Street, is one of a trio of living and working spaces in a hundred-year-old building that was rehabbed in 2005.

We create all our pieces onsite, with production downstairs and our retail shop upstairs. And while our specialties are truffles, bonbons and chocolates in delightfully complex and sometimes whimsical flavors (solo, or gift boxed in trios, sixes and twenty-fours), we welcome you to stop by for an espresso, coffee, tea or drinking chocolate and rest a moment in our micro-cafe for the little indulgence of a chocolate-themed dessert alongside something warm to drink.

To complement our own designs, we carry a few select bean-to-bar products from chocolate makers that embrace our unique philosophy: chocolate as form, function, and deliciously fine art meant to seduce all the senses at once. Oh, and for those that crave a little something familiar (yet exotic), we carry chocolate-coated somethings that remind us we are all only mostly grown up, and that chocolate will always be a treat for those that have been especially good!


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blüprint chocolatiers

Tues – Sat 10am – 7pm
Sun 12pm – 7pm
Closed Monday

1001 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314

Well, for one, we’re paying homage to where the idea for our business was born – in Copenhagen, hence the “umlaut” in our name.

Sure, chocolate-making is an art form, however, our distinctive approach is also grounded in science. Architecture significantly influences the compositions, flavors and structures of our chocolates.

We adhere to a strict formula: the right proportions. The right temperatures. The right balance of physical characteristics – think gloss, snap, texture – and, of course, taste.

Our professional backgrounds are rooted in food science and engineering, which gives us a clear understanding of how the many elements in our chocolates interact and reinforce each other. We are extremely discerning when it comes to these ingredients, ensuring the highest-quality, stable and flavorful products.

Above all else, we pride ourselves on the fact that we aren’t just “making” chocolates. We’re blending the beauty, durability and utility inherent in architecture with the hierarchy, scale and unity found in visually appealing designs.

The result is a road map – a Blüprint, if you will – for precisely ünique chocolates.

And that’s how our name came to be.